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Garcia hopes to lead Napoli to defeat Madrid.

Rudi Garcia urges his players to play with humility and mindset to beat Real Madrid in the Champions League on Tuesday. Napoli’s French coach Rudy Garcia praises Real Madrid as one of the biggest clubs in the world. But the famous Naples team entered the field

Thai massage helps relieve insomnia.

If you can’t sleep, try Thai massage. Dr. Pharmacist Yongsak Tantapitok, Social and Health Research Office, Bureau of Policy and Strategy The Ministry of Public Health explains that. Thai traditional medicine (Thai massage) sees that insomnia is caused by air in the upper part of the body. Have

Abdominal pain, what does this tell you?

Pain in the lower abdomen, a sign of a disease that women cannot ignore lower abdominal pain It’s a symptom that many people overlook because they think it’s a small thing. But the truth is not small at all. If anyone has lower abdominal pain Should hurry to consult

Barca send Cruyff to talk to Las Palmas about Moleiro.

The 19-year-old Las Palmas midfielder Alberto Moleiro has the potential to join Barcelona following in the footsteps of Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri. Barcelona have sent director Jordi Cruyff to Las Palmas to discuss bringing 19-year-old midfielder Alberto Moleiro to the club Camp Nou this summer.

Southampton considers flirting with Marsh to save the crisis.

Southampton Rumored that they are considering pulling Jesse Marsh to sit on the podium as a new coach. Although the American manager football was just sacked by Leeds United last week. The Southern club sacked Nathan Jones after Saturday’s 2-1 loss to Wolves. Although referred to only working

Pep reveals why he replaced Haaland at halftime.

Pep Guardiola has revealed the reason for replacing Erling Haaland at half-time in their 3-1 win over Aston Villa due to injury. City’s victory leaves them just three points behind Arsenal. With the two teams meeting at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday night if City