Acne tells the disease, the truth does not lie.

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Acne tells the disease. Where does it happen? Tell me, what is the disease?

Acne tells the disease. Many women are worried about acne that is diligent all over the face. But have you ever noticed? that sometimes acne tends to appear in the same place over and over which is up at the same place often Maybe it’s not normal acne. But it’s acne that comes up as a sign of health itself. Let’s check the position of acne. which part of the face So what can you say?


Acne on the forehead is related to the gastrointestinal tract bladder. Adrenal glands and digestive system Possibly not enough nutrients. Or eating inappropriate food But sometimes it can indicate that you are stressed. and not getting enough rest


related to the immune system and liver function The main problem is eating too spicy. and often eat late at night Be careful with acid reflux.


It’s an important area. because the nose hurts a lot It is also related to important systems. that is the heart Circulatory system and hormones. Eating foods high in folate is recommend. such as green vegetables, liver, egg yolks, B vitamins and whole grains.


Is a popular spot for many people in this area related to the respiratory system which is saying that the pulmonary system or sinus problems which may arise from smoking or chronic cold Or another way is are having problems in the mouth

chin, lips 

It is a point related to hormonal function. It can be observed that it usually occurs during menstruation. Therefore, do not press, squeeze or pick pimples in this area. because it will be up all the time with menstruation But if it’s not related to menstruation It is related to the ovaries and uterus. ufabet