having sex while pregnant Is it really dangerous? Can you do it?

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Having sex while pregnant is practical or too risky?

having sex while pregnant Seems like a word that many people wonder if it’s ok and can be done. Is it true? true? Will it be dangerous to children? Or is it just a curse word? that only play for fun Cheewajit came to answer the answer today.

Having sex while pregnant is really possible.

The answer is yes,   it is possible to have sex while pregnant. And can do it until 1 month before the due date, but must be in the case of normal pregnancy There are no complications that can be done because the amniotic sac is tough. very difficult to break off Meanwhile, the cervix produces mucus to prevent pathogens from entering the uterine sac. สมัคร ufabet

As for the subject of the climax of your mother and prostaglandins in semen that may cause uterine contractions. It’s just a temporary squeeze. and not harmful to baby

But even without danger And can do it until before the due date, but there are things to be careful about

  1. pregnant woman Sexual desire is diminished. Therefore, this matter must be discussed between husband and wife. to understand and help each other
  2. Choose the right gesture. Admin is not ashamed. But when the size of the womb increases Sleeping on your back can cause back pain. Therefore, the posture must be adjusted accordingly. to create happiness for both and does not cause pain and aches and pains
  3. If the mother contracts the abdomen during sex or reaches an orgasm It’s not a matter to worry about. But if you feel tensed in your abdomen for too long, you should see a doctor immediately.
  4. Although mucus is produced in the cervix to prevent infection But this should not be ignored. Therefore, if you are not confident Wearing a condom is also a good option.


Even if it says that it can be done until 1 month before the due date, there are some pregnancies that prohibit sex during pregnancy, namely

  1. have a history of abortion or premature birth in a previous pregnancy
  2. is a pregnancy with Abnormal bleeding, lower abdominal pain, ruptured amniotic sac, placenta previa
  3. pregnant with twins