Thai massage helps relieve insomnia.

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If you can’t sleep, try Thai massage.

Dr. Pharmacist Yongsak Tantapitok, Social and Health Research Office, Bureau of Policy and Strategy The Ministry of Public Health explains that. Thai traditional medicine (Thai massage) sees that insomnia is caused by air in the upper part of the body. Have to open the wind door arms and legs

Ajarn Koranit Mung Phutong Thai Massage Instructor Association of Thai Traditional Medicine of Thailand provided additional information that In the case of insomnia patients It was found that there would be stiff shoulders in 3 necks caused by the fine wind blowing up. causing pain and stiffness in the muscles of the shoulders, neck, head and chest

However, insomnia indicates an abnormality of the earth element, including muscle, fascia, water element, circulatory system, and wind element.

with the “Karma Javata wind” or the wind blowing Difficulty walking blood When doing a back massage and herbal compress will make you sleep better

if it comes with insomnia caused by stress

There may be a history of excretion, urinary and fecal retention. It will make it possible to connect the four elements, namely earth, water, wind, fire, by massage to open the blood from the soles of the feet to the outside. ยูฟ่าเบท

In this regard, Ajarn Koranit has detailed that

If the massage person is cold

when going home You must drink warm water before bedtime. But if massaged and touched, knowing that cold hands and cold feet need to add the fire element. It is recommended to drink Thai herbal drinks such as ginger, galangal, and lemongrass.

If there is distension, a lot of wind in the stomach, use herbal medicines with a calm flavor such as Ya Hom, Inthachak, which consists of 50 types of medicines such as 7 types of Kotha, Krishna, Krakow, Khon Dok, and hot medicine such as nutmeg, cardamom, cloves. The seven pollens and the bitter pill are: wormwood, kratom, grass root, ox, red nutmeg, nutmeg.

It can help reduce heat, cure fever, extinguish the poison in the stomach, since cure nausea There are Benjakul coordinates to help adjust the elements.

If the massage person is hot

It is recommended to eat as a group of herbs that are cool. Such as bitter gourd leaves and neem. The bitter taste will extinguish the heat. Helps the liver to cool down. Your body will gradually get better.