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Thai massage helps relieve insomnia.

If you can’t sleep, try Thai massage. Dr. Pharmacist Yongsak Tantapitok, Social and Health Research Office, Bureau of Policy and Strategy The Ministry of Public Health explains that. Thai traditional medicine (Thai massage) sees that insomnia is caused by air in the upper part of the body. Have

having sex while pregnant Is it really dangerous? Can you do it?

Having sex while pregnant is practical or too risky? having sex while pregnant Seems like a word that many people wonder if it’s ok and can be done. Is it true? true? Will it be dangerous to children? Or is it just a curse word? that only play for fun Cheewajit

Acne tells the disease, the truth does not lie.

Acne tells the disease. Where does it happen? Tell me, what is the disease? Acne tells the disease. Many women are worried about acne that is diligent all over the face. But have you ever noticed? that sometimes acne tends to appear in the same place over

Abdominal pain, what does this tell you?

Pain in the lower abdomen, a sign of a disease that women cannot ignore lower abdominal pain It’s a symptom that many people overlook because they think it’s a small thing. But the truth is not small at all. If anyone has lower abdominal pain Should hurry to consult