Pep reveals why he replaced Haaland at halftime.

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Pep Guardiola has revealed the reason for replacing Erling Haaland at half-time in their 3-1 win over Aston Villa due to injury.

City’s victory leaves them just three points behind Arsenal. With the two teams meeting at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday night if City beat them. The Premier League crowd will change hands immediately because of the superior ball interest.

“We played very well. Unfortunately, the best moment was the second half. We played better than the first half. UFABET And we had the feeling we could have scored more goals. We conceded and after it was 3-1 in the Premier League anything could happen. But we made a good game.”

“We pressed better in the second half. We made some adjustments and can control the ball better. Our relationship as players is much better. So we can play better. But unfortunately we lost the goal. It was another mistake and after 3-1 anything can happen. But we played well.

Asked about Erling Haaland, who was substituted at half-time. Pep said: “Haaland had an injury, he wasn’t okay with the 3-0 scoreline so we didn’t want to risk it. We will take care and assess the next day. if he’s not ready we will go with someone else hope he is ready. But we will wait and see.”

“We’re not a team that plays an unbelievable transition from defense to attack. We play in controlball. But our game creation needs to be a little faster. But overall this game is really good.”