What are the layouts of the Dragon Tiger card?

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The dragon playing card is considered to be dragon tiger card. Basics that every player must know which is not difficult to notice because if one side wins in a row many times There will be a very high chance that the next turn will produce the same side of the fruit. But in any case, you should look back at the past statistics as well as what kind of card faces the room has. If you see that it is a dragon playing cards, then see which side wins consecutively the most. In the turn you bet on, bet on that side. 

According to the experience of many players.

It can be found that the same side of the card is drawn up to 10 times in a row, so you can keep betting on the same side until the card turns over. As for the ping pong card layout, it is a card layout that looks like playing a ping pong back and forth. It will be a form of giving results that switch sides, such as dragons, tigers, dragons, tigers, dragons, tigers, like this until the card layout changes. When you see that the cards are starting to look like table tennis. UFABET The next turn can be stabbed on the other side. Keep doing this until the cards are dropped.

The layout of 2 adjacent cards is to observe the layout of the cards accordingly. It is a card layout that gives a double result. For example, the tiger wins 2 times in a row. Then cuts back to the dragon 1 time. Then cuts back to the tiger 2 times, and then cuts back to the dragon 1 more time.  Usually this technique will help your bet not to be wast. Even if it’s a technique that doesn’t make you flashy profits. But it can be said that it keeps supporting your capital to survive indefinitely.