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This is the national airline of the Netherlands. It was founded in 1919. Through the years, KLM has offered both domestic and international flights. It caters to passengers and cargo flights to more than 90 destinations including Europe, Middle East, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Dubai.

It has made an alliance with two other airlines, Boeing and Northwest Airlines. In 2003, there was the merging of Air France and KLM. This airline shares it social and environmental responsibilities by reducing the amount of Carbon Dioxide produced by the aircraft while investing on projects that aims to eliminate such emissions. This airline offers Business class and economy class on their flights.

Their World business class aircraft features 170-degree angle lie-flat seats, laptop power ports, massage functions, audio and video TVs along with email or text messaging services and privacy canopies. All seats have reading lamps, personal phones and footrests. They also offer snacks, beverages and a three-course meal.

Economy class, on the other hand, has text and email messaging functions, personal telephones and a personal audio video TV. Passengers are served with complimentary sandwiches, hot meals and drinks, with an exception for champagne.

US Airways, Inc
This was previously named USAir. In 2005, it merged with America West and used the name US Airways. This airline services 30 countries and operates 3,512 daily flights to 231 destinations including the Caribbean, Europe, Central America, North America and Hawaii. Being the fifth largest airline in the US, it features jet aircraft, regional jets and turbo-prop aircraft.

US Airways offer Envoy class, Domestic First class and Economy class on their flights. Envoy class has video screens that offer movies, games and TV shows. They are featured in multiple languages. In some aircraft, there is also a provision for lie-flat seats and leg rooms. They offer free food and beverages.

Domestic first class offers free beverages, snack and nuts. If the flight is longer than 3.5 hours, passengers are given a complete meal. The Economy class is available in all aircraft and features personal video screens which include movies and games that are translated in different languages. Meals, snacks and beverages are available for purchase.

Japan Airlines (JAL)
This is amongst the largest airline operators in Asia and was established in the year 1951. cargo logistics At the time of its merge with Japan Air System, they were considered as the 6th largest in the world, based on the number of passengers carried. They even ranked third as per revenue.

It has served a number of air flights in Asia, Oceania, America and Europe. International flights feature First class with fully flat Skysleepr Solos, Executive class with Seasons Shell Flat Seats and the Economy class. For Executive and First classes, all seats are wider having a center console that is expanded.

This airline provides an entertainment system called MAGIC. It features phones, destination guides, games and movies. MAGIC also has catalogue for the passengers’ shopping needs via duty-free. All aircraft have in-flight magazines.

Aside from JAL’s international airlines, it also caters flights for food and catering businesses, freight services as well as low-yield flights going to most resorts of Hawaii and Southeast Asia. JAL owns six domestic airlines that have been added to its mainline. These destinations include Hokkaido, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Ryukyu Islands and Western Japan.

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